Old Dog New Tricks!

I just wanted to send along a resounding “THANK YOU!!!” to the folks that make this software and all it’s tutorials and help areas available to everyone. After my cross country motorcycle ride last year, I’ve been desperately wanting to create some videos, but couldn’t shoulder the cost of commercially available software and was technically challenged by shareware products.

After viewing several Shotcut tutorial videos, I decided to take the plunge and give it a try. WOW! Even an older fellow like me (into his 60.s) can grasp the fundamentals and after a couple of days of playing around, can make a decent video.

Now I’m looking forward to going through my videos from the trip and making videos I’ll enjoy watching in the future. This simply would not have been possible w/o this program.

Thank you Shotcut!


Glad to hear that and thanks for the compliment.