Old Black & White Film Restoration?


First am totally new to Shotcut.

Have some old B & W Films that would like to restore with Shotcut.

Checked Shotcut features list https://www.shotcut.org/features/ and found Old Film: Dust, Old Film: Grain, Old Film: Projector, Old Film: Scratches…

Checked the tutorials and found “Film Restoration” by @brian but this is color.

Has anyone done a tutorial for B & W Film Restoration?

If not would appreciate any suggestions or tips by other Shotcut users!!!



The “Old Film” filters are effects to make videos looks like they are old. They ADD dust and grain, etc. So those are not what you want.

I would expect that the “Film Restoration” video would apply to black & white content - especially the grain reduction part. You might also need to apply color grading to make the black & white look right.

I don’t know of any video tutorials that are specific to B&W film.

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for clarifying what the old film options do!

I like to read the manual before actually trying new apps but to date have only found Shotcut Quick Start Guide https://www.k12opened.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/Shotcut-quick-start.pdf and Editing Video with Shotcut (open source) https://make.wordpress.org/tv/handbook/video-editing/video-editor/ both only cover the very basics.

Is there a more detailed manual available?

Thanks again for your help!


There isn’t much available for written documentation for Shotcut. Your best options are reading posts on this forum and watching tutorial videos on YouTube.

While there is no manual, Shotcut does not change your original source files. When you export, you’re making a new video file.

Load up Shotcut and experiment to see what you like. I’m sure more questions will arise once you start experimenting. Which is why this forum is here.