Okay, what is going on with this transition now?

Can anybody explain why this transition is so messed up? It should be a smooth transition between two still frames… instead it’s adding all kinds of crazy. Here’s the 1/2 second before:

The transition kicks in and it looks crazy:

Here’s what it’s supposed to be transitioning too…

any ideas what’s going on?

Is the width of your project an even number? Click Master to select it and then see Properties.
Also, show the width of the first image in the transition.

Resolution is 1080 x 1350. The main video is shot verticial aspect ratio and I cropped it and then set a custom video mode to match the crop.

Not sure why, but it’s no longer messed up. I continued making other edits and then went back to retry this particular transition and it works just fine now. I don’t know what changed. If it happens again I’ll repost.

thanks for getting back to me!


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