Okay so what does the "Replace" button do?

Hello, I’m trying to see what the replace button does? I click on it and it makes an item on the playlist got to

What is the use of this? And what is the purpose?

Thank you all for making this. It’s my new favorite hobby. :slight_smile:


So let’s say you have a clip positioned in the timeline that you added filters too but would like to have another clip in that exact same spot instead. What you would normally have to do is remove that clip then bring in the new one and try to position it exactly where the original one was. After that, you would have to re-add all the filters the previous clip had. Now with Replace, you do all of that with just one step. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s what I thought it would do. But how do you do that? Is there a tutorial on this b2c this would be super helpful.


Make sure the clip you want to insert is in the Source tab. You can do that by selecting a clip on the playlist or copying a clip on the timeline. Then select the clip and press R.

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