Odd Flicker

I don’t know how to describe it but clips won’t play smoothly. It started recently but isn’t present on VLC player or another editor. The clips were shot at 24fps and played back at same. The issue isn’t exactly a flicker, the closest description If you record a video off a TV screen is what it looks like.
Any suggestions as to what it might be?

Thank you,

Can you send us a screenshot of the VLC codec metadata of an exported file? Or MediaInfo of it? I’m guessing the output frame rate isn’t 24fps, or maybe it’s being interlaced.

The problem seems to have resolved itself this morning.

The issue was with clips imported into Shotcut for editing. Shot on my iPhone 11 at 24 fps.
Said clips played fine on a viewer such as VLC and also look ok when imported into HitFlim Express. But when imported into SC the wavy lines appeared.
But all is well at this time, hopefully will remain so. Thank you for your assistance,


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