Object Color

I know to how to change text color but HOW i can change object color. For example:
I want to change this black school image color to red.

Hi @Anter
The image you uploaded above, is it actually ONE image of a black shape on a salmonish colored background?

Or did you take a capture of two separate images overlaid on top of each other?
One image being the black shape (with transparent background), on top of another image filled with this salmonish color.

Anyways, IF the school image is a PNG of the black shape on a transparent background, you can change the black color to any color you want with the Color Grading filter.

Since the shape is black, I edited the Shadows (Lift) settings.
In the case of a white colored shape, I would have used the Highlights (Gain) settings.

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As @MusicalBox is suggesting, if the house image is transparent (I doubt it) then you can do this in Shotcut without too much difficulty. However, when working with images and backgrounds, you’ve entered a slightly different realm, and will be best served learning how to use a graphics program like GIMP for basic colour changes like this. This only took a few minutes (including downloading your image).


Edit: Since it is transparent, you have your answer; apply a color grading filter to the school object.

P.S. For future reference, it is always good to include as much info as possible when asking questions (like the fact the cloud and school are separate images and the salmon background is something you applied in Shotcut).

There are two objects “Cloud” or something like border and “School”. I need to change school color.
Background is a color which i add by open Other

I need to do animaton which smoothly change my color. I need this effect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMom_fESwKM&list=WL&index=18 but on object

OK very good! It would have been most appropriate to lead with that, since it is not the same as a straight colour change.

You can do it the way @MusicalBox has suggested, as you will need the house changed to red anyway. He has shown you how to do that (duplicate the house on another track and apply the color grading filter), and then follow Ben’s tutorial, since the concept application using a mask is the same.

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Thank you and @MusicalBox I will try to do it. If you have a moment, please look at my next stupid problem I guess -_-. Problem with Text

I will remember.

To add to what @PoisonedSlice said, if you only need the shiny pale moving reflection passing over the school image, you can use the Levels filters instead of the Color Grading filter. Reducing the value of the Output Black slider will allow to choose from any level between black and white.
Then use Ben’s technique to add the reflection effect.


This is my wanted effect but with red color.

Then use Levels AND Color Grading


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