NVIDIA offers two different drivers for the same card

If you want to update your graphics card driver, you should pay attention to two things:

1.) DHC.

2.) and thats the really important thing STUDIO DRIVER.

So, the ‘Studio Driver’ is for those who do not have high-end games on their PC. Interesting for those who work a lot with graphics software, such as film editing, animation, etc. Who uses the studio driver for SHOTCUT and what experiences has he made in terms of speed and performance? Are there advantages and disadvantages?

I actually haven’t updated my NIVIDIA graphics card because I don’t know if it’s Standard or DCH. I read instructions online that attempt to explain how to find out and that there is some window that will just list the driver type. The problem is for me that in that window that is supposed to list the driver type doesn’t list what the driver type is for whatever reason. I would like to know if there is another way of finding out. If anyone knows, that’d be great.

Shotcut’s export option of using hardware encoder doesn’t work for me as Shotcut says that it doesn’t detect a graphics card despite me having a NVIDIA graphics card. I am thinking that maybe I need to update the driver but like I said I don’t know the driver type.

You can leave it to “Standard” without DHC if you have a WIN10-System and download it.
And there is an information link behind DHC that leads you to:

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