nVidia cuda vs. hardware encoding

Recently I had a problem (perhaps it was due to a system update - not sure)
I could not export my files successfully.
Through trial & error I found that enabling the GPU, and disabling the hardware encoding woks for me, and even works faster.

For anyone that encountered this problem, and is looking to solve it…

How did you do this combination? Can you share your steps?

Turn on Settings > GPU Effects
Turn off Export > Use hardware encoder

That is not a big surprise when using H.264 (default) output because x264 is fast, and it avoids another costly transfer of uncompressed video over a bus from CPU memory to GPU memory. The higher the resolution and frame rate, the higher the cost per transfer (e.g. 4K is 4x 1080p).

If you use this combination, I recommend using the 24.06+ beta/release to get a couple of good fixes for GPU effects.

My Shotcut version is 24.04.28
1 - Main menu > Settings, enable the GPU Effects (check the box)
2 - In the ‘Export’ tab, the topmost checkbox is ‘use hardware encoder’ which, when it still worked’ I set to H264 nvenc - which usually worked very well for me. - Long story short - uncheck this box.
3 - after restart, and ensuring both were changed, I had to start from scratch my ongoing projects, but when finished they exported exactly how I wanted them, and in good time.

I see, I was confused by cuda. Thanks.