Not sure if possible - darken video, overlay new credits

Newbie: I have an old 13 minute .mov video that I want to darken the first 47 seconds that show credits and create a new overlay with new credits. I tried in iMovie but couldn’t darken, only can add new credits.

Just add a color clip (black) on the top track and and your titles to that
cut the first 47s from the source video, by setting an in point (I key) at 47s before adding it to the timeline.

There are many ways to do that in SC.
The most easiest would probably be to fade the first clip in very slowly:
Put the video into the timeline, select it, move the cursor over the left end (top left corner) - a black dot should appear, grap it with the mouse (RMK) and drag it to the right as far as you need.
Then you have a black start with slowly the video shining through.

If its too short you can overlay it with the technic TimLau showed you.

You could also animate bightness filters e.g. and other filters. Just add the filter to the selected clip and animate it via keyframes.

So to only darken and not turn image black I could use brightness filter?
I use pixelmator to darken/lighten photos but not familiar with video apps.
Thank you!

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