Not showing audio file when opening movie

I’m new here and just looked at some tutorials to start. It really seems easy, but I already have an issue to start.
When i open my movie file, it opens in the viewer. But when i drag it on the timeline, i cant see my audio file. And there’s audio in the video. I’d like to gain some volume on the audio file. But as it doesn’t show anything i’m not able to change it.
Maybe it’s something simple which i don’t know.
Anyone who could help me out please?

Thank you,
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I just verified.
If you just add the video on the timeline, the sound should follow. Same if you create forst a track or a video track…
Is the M (for mute) on the track is ticked?

Just be sure to have the last version, run once on Admin mode, reboot computer & try to export a single clip to see what happen.

Hi Keno40,

Thank you for the quick reply but i found the problem. The sound was on the file but i didn’t see it because it was so small. Now by gaining some sounds it’s better. I do run the latest version.
Thank you for the help!