Not Exporting into file wanted

Hello, everyone.

I’ve got a problem I was hoping that someone could help me solve. So after I’ve edited I choose mp4 my format and customize other setting to what I’m looking, I hit the “export file” button but when the save window pops up with nothing in the file name box. No, “.mp4” just blank. And the “save as type” is blank as well and not selectable. And when I open the folder where I exported the file, the file is just a blank sheet of paper and not a “mp4” type file and just a “file”. I can still play the file, I just have to select the type of video player I want to use.

So I’m just wondering, is this suppose to happen?

Hi there,

I have the same problem using the latest 16.11.02 version of Shotcut on windows10.

I am unable to export because when I select export file the “save as type” is not selectable. I have added a screenshot below

It was possible for me to export and choose the “save as type” earlier on. I have tried to reinstall the program but the problem persists. Are there any settings or something I am not aware of ?


Please try this:

  1. write “myvideo.mp4” in the file name field.
  2. ignore the “select type” drop-down menu.
  3. press save
  4. wait until the progress finishes (see right side, at the top).

Does this work? (if yes, please hit the “This reply solves my problem” icon at the bottom of this reply)

It works for me on Windows 10 32bit, in both 16.10 (installed) and 16.11 (portable).

Just to be clear, here is a video of all steps covered within the first 2 minutes:

Automatic file name extensions are only provided when you use the defaults in Export, click Reset in Export, or choose an Export preset. If you change the Format option, then you must enter the file name extension.

That does not prevent you from being able to enter a name and click Save. Ignore “Save as type” as you must specify your type-like options in the Export panel. The dialog “Save as type” is not usable - not detailed enough - in this regard.

Maybe to clarify a little - when I start typing my name for the file the extension automatically appeared. My issue is Why does it take so long to export? At least 5 seconds or more for each %. My resolution of the video is 2704 x 1520. I just bought a new tower with 8 GB ram and the newest hard drive of course.

Because it is decoding, possibly processing audio and video, and encoding; which are inherently slow, heavy processes especially the video processing and encoding. It is what it is.

Thanks for the quick response. Patience is a virtue right?

BTW just learning Shotcut and it’s what I’ve been looking for. Thanks to all who have put their time into this.