Not copying Normalize 2-Pass filters in Version 22.03.30

I upgraded to Version 22.03.30 a day or two ago and I noticed that I am no long copying the normalize 2-pass audio filters from clips anymore. It’s not working on video tracks or audio tacks. The video filters still copy as expected and it looks like other audio filters are working, but it just skips over the normalize 2-pass audio filter now.

This is intentional because each clip with a Normalize: Two Pass should get its own analysis, and they do not work correctly on tracks, which is why you cannot manually add them to a track.

Okay so they each need their own analysis, but the change made it so for each audio clip I put in where I want them to be at the same level I have to click the plus sign to add a filter, find the filter in my list of favorites, then adjust it to my desired level.

Before I could just hit paste and click on the analyze button. That a lot of steps being added into a workflow.

Oh well, we had to fix a bug. Perhaps you should have tested the beta.

I would have hoped that feedback at anytime would be just as well received for future versions. Sorry I’m doing it at the wrong time then.

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If the gain offset is known, then a Gain filter can be added to the track head with that offset, which will be applied to all clips, and the result will be similar to your previous workflow.

This is essentially what Normalize: 2-Pass is doing anyway, except it automatically figures out the offset on its own. If needed, run Normalize once to get the gain offset, then apply it with a track-level Gain/Volume filter.

If the gain offset is not known, then individual analysis of each clip is by nature the only option.

This is fixed for the next version. It was only supposed to block pasting multiple instances of this (and some other filters) upon. In addition to this filter, it also affected Chroma Key: Simple, Crop: Source, Mask: Apply, and Time Remap filters.

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