Not able to export audio file as mp3

I’m trying to only cut an audio file and whenever I go to export it as an MP3, it fails pretty much instantly. Not sure what to do here. Does anyone know whats going on? I’ve tried saving and exiting and even starting completely over but nothing works.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Make sure you disable the video stream in the codec tab.

I just did that and it’s still failing. I’m on the latest version of the software as well

I use the MP3 preset and it works fine here, using the September version also.
My source video is an Olympus .MOV or Panasonic .MTS

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

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how do you get to the presets?

They are part of the Export panel.

Here’s a short tutorial that might help you with the audio issue.


Do I need to have a video file attactched? I’m only trying to edit audio. No video.

ive just tried adding a video file and it still wont work with the mp3 preset. it works fine with the mp4 preset though. not sure whats going on it might be my audio file i guess.

ive tried to export it using the mp3 setting but it doesnt work. I dont need to edit it any further once i get it done so wav wont be useful.

Tell us everything about your audio file and your workflow please.