Not able to edit Gopro Hero7 black 4k 60fps videos

Hi All,

I have recorded 4k videos at 60 fps in my gopro hero 7 black.
Unfortunately, I am not able to edit/playback those videos in shotcut.

With VLC media player, it plays smoothly in my laptop.

Can you please help here??


Not enough information.
For the best help from this forum it’s best to read this post.

Can you be more specific? When you open one of the files, what do you see. How does Shotcut behave?

It works, but it is slow. There is a big difference but not in the eyes of this user. VLC is using hardware accelerated playback but not yet Shotcut.

Hi rajesh, I could edit 4k60fps videos from my GoPro hero 6 black (congrats on the super smooth 7) with some difficulty and a lot of patience in Shotcut, they wouldn’t even load in GoPro’s Quik. That spurred me to upgrade my laptop. Editing 4k60fps 4:3 in Shotcut is now a breeze with my present setup Windows10, i7-8th gen, 8GB RAM, 4gb graphics card and 128gb ssd. I think its the processor and SSD that contributed heavily.

However, it can still hang if there are too many other processes going on simultaneously, if the clips are too long, or if there are too many clips.

This might be the issue with the OP.

But 8GB RAM is not enough for 4k.

This is not processing a 4k GoPro file, but this is processing a 4k/60fps file.
Hardware Encoding off.
i7-7700k (4.20GHz), 32 gb ram, water cooled CPU (240mm radiator).
Dedicated SSD for recording/video editing.

Same file
Hardware Encoding on. (GTX 1070 8gb ram - 3 fans on GPU - air cooled)

Video editing on a laptop, IMO, would be super challenging because of the heat aspect alone. SSD is a major improvement over HDD. Specifically if the HDD is the sole drive in the PC/Laptop it’s going to run super slow. There are two speeds with HDD’s 5400 rpm & 7200 rpm. All laptops that I’ve encountered (helping friends & family) have 5400 HDD’s in them. M.2 NVME SSD drives are much faster than regular SSD’s & HDD’s, but not all motherboards can support M.2 NVME technology.

Thanks, I’m using a ‘gaming’ laptop, so maybe that helps. Also clips I shoot are usually < 30secs each. The number of filters used is another factor I consider when editing slows.

I have the same problem with a Macbook pro core I7 16 Go Ram SSD 2016.
Video start and slow imediatly and stop on latest VLC and mac OS versions.
I heard only the sound.

After some research and reading Apple FAQ I understand that I need :

  • Most recent Macbook pro 2018.
  • Latest Core I7
  • SSD
    … At least $3000 !

I effectlively run my 4K Gopro 7 videos on a recent IMac and Macbook pro 15’’ 2018.

As alternative you can use a video converter to reduce resolution and fps.


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