Norminize audio to -0.4dB?


Hello there
Am trying to normalize audio to -0.4dB? but cant seem to figure out how, everything is in LUFS or to high dB or to low dB


dB is a relative scale. You want to normalize audio to -0.4dB relative to what? The original source?

The LUFS scale is an absolute scale. It stands for Loudness Units Full Scale. One loudness unit is roughly equivalent to one dB. So it is easy to think of LUFS as dBFS (dB Full Scale).

In most situations, -23 LUFS is a good level to normalize to.

If you want to normalize to a different level. just change the Target Loudness to something else.

The minimum and maximum gain dictate the most that the filter will increase or decrease the level of the original source.


What is the difference between a “Loudness Unit” and dB (decibel)? You say they are “roughly” equivalent. What if I wanted to normalize to, say, exactly -3dBFS?


I’ve been puzzled by Shotcut’s normalizing filter, too.

Because I’ve worked with Audacity on other, audio only, projects, I’m comfortable with it’s normalizing “effect” (their term). Using Shotcut, I render only the audio, massage it with Audacity, and bring that file (.wav) back into Shotcut. The Audacity effect says “Normalize maximum amplitude to -1 db”. Whatever than means. All I care about is it gives me consistent maximum levels when using multiple audio tracks.

How does that translate into the Shotcut normalize filter?