Normalize (Two Pass)

What is your operating system?
Manjaro Linux
What is your Shotcut version
Shotcut version ARCH-22.01.30 64-bit and
Shotcut version 22.03.06 AppImage

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Nromalize works properly only if it is applied last (“Add a Filter”). It does not matter where it is placed. “Move filter down” does not bring any improvement. You have to “Remove Normalize filter” and then select “Add Normalize filter” again. Then it works fine.

If you first activate the Normalize (Two Pass) “Add a filter” and then change the volume with the Compressor or with Gain / Volume, then Normalize does not work at all or only poorly, even if you click Analyze beforehand. It does not help if you move the Normalize all the way down “Move filter down”.

I can not recreate this in my own testing. These are the steps I use:

  1. Open a clip
  2. Add “Normalize Two Pass”
  3. Click Analyze
  4. See that the gain is changed because the Peak meter values are higher (toggle the filter on and off to see the peak meter go higher/lower when the filter is enabled/disabled)
  5. Add the “Volume/Gain” filter
  6. Enable/Disable the Normalize filter and see that the Peak meter level is still affected

I also rearranged the filters and it still works.

Maybe you can provide a screenshot of your UI so we can see how you have it set up.

Are you aware that if you add filters before the Normalize filter, you will need to click “Analyze” again?

Did you get Shotcut from the official download page?

If not, download the portable tar file and see if you see the same result.

I use the official Shotcut provided by Manjaro Linux, version 22.01.30
Here is a screenshot

Of course I clicked Analyze (again and again).
It looks like Normalize is still applying the same gain, even if I increased Gain/Volume, even though Analyze was clicked.
If I remove Normalize and do “Add a filter” again, then it works correctly.

Now I have followed your instructions once again: The same. Have put together a small project, see attachment. But it makes little sense that you try it on yourself: Because if I close the project and open it again, then Normalize works correctly.
But every time I change Gain/Volume again, Normalize stays at the old setting, even though I clicked “Analyze”.
It looks like Normalize always stays at its old setting: Either it reduces or boosts.
Test-Normalize (Two Pass).mlt (3.6 KB)

Please note: For me, the last setting in this project was still incorrect, but if you close it and open it again, it fits.
Try the following: Change in Gain/Volume the value drastically and then Analyze with Normalize: No change, at least with me it is like this every time. Only when I restart the project or remove Normalize and apply it again, it works correctly.
I’m very curious to see how it works for you.

With the AppImage 22.03.06 the same problem.

This is fixed for the next release. Thanks for the report and to those who helped reproduce it.

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thank you