Non-looping animated GIFs?

Hi all, newbie to video editing in general and Shotcut in particular here.
I’m trying to import a self-looping animated GIF file into a Video track. I can actually import it, but it only plays the sequence once and then freezes. Is there a technique to get it to loop and be treated as a single instance (so I can use Filters on it, for instance)?

I have tried looking through the forum topics, and I see that this (or something very like it) has been a repeat offender in several topics. Has the problem actually ever been fixed?

So far, I’m liking Shotcut a lot, but this could be a deal-breaker for me… Any suggestions?

My suggestion would be:

  • Put the clip on a track
  • Select the clip
  • Press CTL-C to copy it to the clip board
  • Press CTL-V many times to pasted it over and over on the track
  • Apply any filters that you want to the track (rather than to each clip)

That is, more-or-less, the conclusion I came to, thanks.

Can you possibly provide any pointers as to how to apply a filter to the track, rather than to each clip? I’m not sure I see how to do that…

Thanks again!

Click on the track header and then the filter panels will be for filters on the track.

This tutorial video may be of interest to you