Non-linear position speed

In the videos I create, I have an outro image that movies from left to right (from off-screen to full-screen and then stops). As it is right now, the speed of the position is linear, same speed from start to finish, but I would love for it to not be. I.e., I want the image to move fast in the beginning, but slow in the end (but with a gradual change). I’m trying to locate anything in the program that let’s me do this, but I’m struggling to find it. Am I blind?

Hi @psydome

For that, you need at least Shotcut version 23.12.15 where Easing keyframes were introduced.

You currently use 2 keyframes to move your image.

  • Right-click on the last keyframe.
  • Go to: From Previous > Ease Out
  • I suggest you choose one of these options:


Each one will make the image move fast at the start and slow at the end.
Experiment to see which one you like.
With the first one (Sinusoidal), the movement at the start of the animation is slower than if you use the last option (Circular)

Difference between: Linear (no easing), Sinusoidal and Exponential:


Ah, very nice! Exactly what I want. I will make sure to have the correct version of the program. Thank you!

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