Noise when editing a Video

Hi people!
I started to use shotcut as my video editor to create my own content but recently I have been experiencing some issues.
I have a video recorded about 30 mins. The video is a screen video, recorded with Monosnap app, and when I see the full video, it’s quite cool. The video and audio quality is very good but when I import the video to shotcut to cut some clips, I realise that the audio has some cracks, noise and echoes in some parts of the video. Other parts are good, like the original video. I checked the areas where I have noise in shotcut in the original video, to see if they are imported from the original video but they don0t. The noise only appear in the shotcut video, even before exporting the full video. I also tried exporting the video, to see if that noise was removed after export but the noise is still there. I don’t know how to solve this issue, if possible, can you help me with that please?
PD: I’m using shotcut 21.03.21 in a Windows 10 laptop.

I have uploaded a clip where you can see the noise im talking about.
Find the clip here: Google Drive: Sign-in

Can you share a screenshot of Shotcut with the clip loaded - be sure to show the properties panel.

My guess is that your file has variable frame rate or some other reason that it does not seek well. I suggest to try the “Convert” button at the bottom of the properties panel to see if the converted file works better.

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Ok, thanks Brian, This is the properties panel. Is it right?
This is one of the sections of the video where I can hear the noise

I downloaded your video and the problems are in the source recording. You can hear the problems in another media player (I did in ffplay, VLC, and Quicktime). There is nothing you can really do to fix it. Since the audio is only speaking, I suggest you record the audio again, and mute the video clip’s audio. The two most recent versions of Shotcut make recording audio on the timeline easy.

Sorry, the video I uploaded is the export of a clip with ShotCut, where the problem is present. The audio of the original video is ok

Use Properties > Convert on the original video clip as Brian already suggested. Or you can still do what I suggested.

I also tried converting the video with “the best” and “good” results, but the noise is still there… some crisps has been reduced, but the echo is still there :frowning:

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