Noise Reduction

Does one need to download an add-on for Noise Reduction in shotcut?

Or if there’s a built-in application could you please share the steps to reach/apply Noise Reduction?

This is when you have had to crank the audio on a Canon DSLR camera (not ideal but the reality sometimes).

Thank you!

Please look in the Audio-Filtersection of the latest Shotcut-release.

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I hav e the 2018 shotcut version. I see a tab marked Filters but must I have a project loaned to reach Audio Filter section? Thank you.

You need to place your clip on the timeline, select it, then click the “filter” tab, then press the “+” icon , then you can search for the filter by typing “noise…”
However, this Noise gate filter was only introduced in version 19.12 (December 2019), which is easily downloadable from here:

As an alternative, you could

  1. Import your footage into Shotcut. Detach the audio so it appears on an audio track.
    2 Export as an mp3. Close Shotcut.
  2. Open the mp3 in Audacity.
  3. Apply Noise reduction in Audacity. Export. Give it a new name.
  4. Re-import the new audio file into SC to replace the original.

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