Noise reduction (audio)

hello, i have a video and i need to do noise reduction on the audio in it. so i need to extract the audio from the video, then i do the noise reduction (on the audio file) in audacity, and then i need to put the new audio file back in the video.

so my question now is: how can i extract the audio from the video and later put the new audio back to the video?? and, maybe somebody knows a software in which i can do the audio noise reduction directly in the video, without extracting, using audacity and putting back together?? thank you

Add the video to an audio track then export it as .mp3
When done, mute the video track and import the edited audio to a new audio track.

AVS Audio editor can do this.
It will then export the edited audio track to a new video file, complete with edited audio.

hello, thank you for replying. … but i still didnt get it. now i have imported the video. as far as i understand i need to extract the audio from the video first, right? may be you can say me, where exactly i have to click to make this happen. thanks

Can’t Audacity import the audio from the video-file directly?

And after cleaning up the audio, you export it from Audacity and sync it in Shotcut as mentioned above. This way you will not loose video quality.


Drag your video file to a new AUDIO track, not a video track.
Then you can export the audio to MP3 for editing in Audacity.

If you import a video-file in Audacity the audio will be extracted for further editing to Audacity. I’ve just tested with a AVC in MP4 container and AAC audio and it worked fine. So if Audacity is able to cope with the audio-format of your video file(import is ffmpeg based), you should be able to import it directly into Audacity without extracting the audio first.

Ah, I use the portable version which doesn’t work with video files.
None-the-less, I have AVS Audio editor with works better as the export includes the video.

At some point a nice-to-have function in Shotcut would be auto-round-tripping of clips in external editors, so ex. an audio clip in Shotcut could be opened in ex. Audacity(as a temp file), edited and when the (temp)file is saved from ex. Audacity it would be automatically be updated in Shotcut.