Noise gate, how to get rid of my breathing

Hello, newbie editor here.

I’m trying to figure out how i can remove my breathing from my voice recordings, i have a bad breathing patern and sometimes take big air intakes which come up on my video. I usually cut these out manually but i thought i would try with a filter, unfortunaly unsuccesfull.

Here is a clip of my breathing causing a small peak in the audio

The audio should around -30 dB, atleast i think?

I tried setting the noise gate filter at - 25 but i am not succesfull at removing this.

I hate having to ask for someone to hold my hand, but could anyone tell me what parameters i should be setting to what to get rid of this? And ELI5 me what the parameters do.
Ive checked to docs on the filter and seen a generic noise gate video on youtube, but my editing skill and knowledge is still quite low to understand everything.

Thankx in advance for anyone taking their time to assist me here

What a noise gate does, it switches of the audo when the level is below a given threshold.
the attack is how fast the audio will switch of after the signal is below the threshold.
hold is how long it stay closed, even when the signal is above the threshold.
Decay (Release) is the time from the signal is above the threshold to the gate is open again

For a voiceover, use a fast attack (1-5 ms) and a release around 100-300ms, start with hold = 0ms and turn it up if word endings get cut of.

It depend a lot on actual audio, is a noise gate is a useful tools

You can try exporting the audio and use a audio editor or DAW to get a better view of the audio and find the right values for Attack, Release, Hold.

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Look like shotcut’s noise gate parameters is a little different, that most other noise gates, but the concepts are the same

Thank you so much,this info helped and now that i know “what values” are good, i understand it a bit better.

thank you for your time

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