No volume on some Audio tracks

Hello ,
im new with shotcut and still learning the basics. I am pretty much finished with my 1st video but there is no sound on some audio files. i dont know why…Volume is not muted on the timeline (bottom left corner) and its set to 0 Db on the playlist… Can anyone please help :slight_smile:

Maybe “Disable Audio” is activated in Export -> Advanced -> Audio.

Thanks for the reply… But the thing is its only muted for some tracks. The rest of them work perfectly.

Perhaps you inadvertently added a mute filter to the tracks.

Or you’ve muted the track

unfortunately its not like that… Sorry i said tracks earlier. I had only 1 audio track. But there were like 5 audio files which i put on 1 audio track. And one audio file was muted. I think i have somehow muted “that” audio file. But i checked in ‘filters’ under ‘audio’. But it wasnt the case. But anyways i redid the video. If the problem comes again i will post a screenshot. That would have been more helpful

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