No video shows. only audio

Hello I am having a problem when I export my video and I put it on mp4 it doesn’t show any video only audio

Did you choose “Use hardware encoder” in the export menu?

Yes why?

Turn it off and try the export again then come back and let us know how it turns out.

It worked thanks a lot

No problem. You got that black screen because either you didn’t choose your hardware encoder correctly in the configuration window or Shotcut couldn’t detect it. If it’s the latter then you might want to update your GPU driver.

Also, video hardware encoders are designed for speed of encoding, at the expense of file-size (they usually produce a much bigger file), and quality. They are perfect for streaming, but not for producing quality videos.

When this happens right-click the export job and view the log, and it might give a reason why (not always easy to read and understand though).

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