No Video only audio when exporting

Hi, so this is driving me crazy lately. I never had any problems when exporting before. I always had great 4k movies with audio.

But since a week ago or so, im having problems when exporting. Sometimes i do have video&audio, but now its only audio (with same setting when exporting!)

I have tried many different projects, to see if it was maybe a faulty project, but it happens in all my projects.

No matter what i do, when exporting … its only audio.

Here are the settings i have when exporting:

What is going wrong here ?

Your video codec bitrate is way too low. 100 bits / second is ridiculous.You are also using constant bitrate, which should be used only in special cases. You do not seem advanced, but here you have entered the Advanced mode of Export. Try turning off advanced, click Reset at the bottom of Export, and then Export File. You should always do that before reporting that export does not work.

hmmm … but i have done several other videos with same setting, and they are great quality ! And i put in 100, so that should mean 100M right ? not bit … And all other videos are really great !

Will try what you say and let yah know ok ! Thanks for the help !

No, click the down arrow next to Bitrate ___ b/s. It provides a list of suggested bitrates that shows the format/suffixes to use. In your case, you should have entered “100M”.

H… i did 100M before also, but still no video …

Anyway, for now … i did a reset.

Then i configured all settings exactly the same as before (i found these settings in a video of someone on youtube for exporting 4k movies and it worked prefect before). I put in 100M, and deselected " parellel processing".

After that i exported my video … and i have video & audio again :slight_smile:
Now selected " parellel processing" again, and it still works great. … So well, i still dont understand what went wrong, but i think resetting did the trick. Thanks for helping !

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