No text in the text box but it appears in the video


I’m new to ShotCut and new to the forum. I’m making decent progress however one simple thing completely stumps me. When I add a Text filter the box appears in the frame but the text doesn’t. It (the text) does show up when I run the selected part of the video. On all of the tutorials that I have viewed when the text is edited, sized or stylized the changes appear real time in the video frame. I just see an empty box that I can size and move. What is the secret? Thanks in advance

Make sure the track playhead is positioned on the timeline where the text filter has been applied.

Thanks for the response. I have been playing with this for a while now. I discovered for instance that if I create a new project and add a graphic to the playlist and then to the timeline, that when I use the text filter the time code appears and is editable and movable and so on. It is when I split a video section on the timeline and attempt to insert text that nothing appears in the box. As I mentioned, the box is scalable and moveable, and when I actually run that section of the video the time code (or whatever) appears. It is just that the text doesn’t appear in the box in this condition. So, in response to your suggestion, the playhead is positioned over the section where the text should appear. I am gradually coming to the conclusion that this may simply be the way that Shotcut works although to me it seems counter-intuitive.

Not sure I understand because it works fine for me.
So long as the playhead is positioned as mentioned and the section is selected, the text [or time code] will appear in the project preview. Yes the text bounding box will appear empty otherwise, but that’s because the conditions mentioned are not met.