No text during export

I have just found out that text is not working when I export video. This is the case for both: text rich, and text simple. It shows up fine in shotcut, but not at all on the exported video. When I start shotcut it tells me I’m running the latest version. please let me know if you need a test video, or anything else.

Usually when people report this problem it is because the text color is transparent. When Shotcut is using its dark theme, the rich text editor will show transparent text using the theme’s text color because the editor is a UI element. I do not know to change or fix that. Check your colors.

I just tried to change the color to blue with the simple text filter, and I get the same result. Nothing shows up on the exported video.

Sorry I do not know what the problem is. What is your operating system and Shotcut version?
You can attach a project file that demonstrates the problem to a reply as well.

I’m using windows 10. My shotcut version is 20.11.28
this attachment is from the shotcut editor

This is from the exported video

Hi @Nsanti1
Did you watch all of the exported video ? Maybe the text appears somewhere near the end.

Check if you moved one or both of the Start/End slider(s) in the keyframe tab.

I did watch all of the video and it wasn’t there. The text should have been for the whole clip. I fixed the issue by reverting back to an older shortcut version. Before doing that I tried fully deleting and reinstalling the latest version multiple times which didn’t solve the issue.

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I experienced a similar problem. I used a black background to add some text between two clips. The text shown up in the preview, but there was no text in the exported video. After several attempts I found the error, the text had the same color as the background. I selected the text and changed the color and every thing was ok.

I was sure that there must bee a bug in shortcut, but the bug was me.

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