No Stabilization Filter

There is no video stabilization filter listed…it was the only reason I wanted to try this software.

I’m currently running OS X Yosemite - Version 10.10.5 and I downloaded Shortcut - Version 19.04.30 for Mac.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


The stabilize filter is a clip-only filter. This means that you have to put your video onto a track and select it. Then the filter will appear in the filters list.

See here ( for a quick tutorial.

It is not necessary to use the Timeline or add it to a track to stabilize a clip. You can do it in Source player as well and then just export from Source.

Thanks for the clarification. So ‘clip-only’ means that it cannot be applied to a track and so will not be displayed if the track is selected. Is that correct?

It seems no matter if I choose ‘Source/Project’ and also detach the audio etc…the stabilization filter never shows up.

Is it not available with 4k video?

It’s not available if you have GPU effects enabled.

Is GPU effects on by default? do I turn it off?


If using Windows set the gpu key to false.

It appears for me on macOS 10.12, 10.13, and 10.14.

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