No Sound when exporting

Hello everybody

Sorry, my English is bad, I use a translator

I’ve been using the program: Shotcut for a few days. I’m trying to create my first video and I’m quite satisfied.
But now I would like to export it to my PC so that I can view and send the video on my mobile phone.

How do you do that? I try so many different formats. Sometimes I manage to watch the video on my phone. But there is no sound in the video? But when I watch the video on Shotcut, I hear the sound.

Can you please help me there?

Have you tried the YouTube export preset? It should work pretty much anywhere.

Hi @Kolibri8814
In the Advanced export settings, check if you didn’t disable Audio by mistake:


Many Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply, I had problems with my PC.

It worked. Thanks for the tips

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