No sound from WAV file coming from audacity


I exported the soundfile from my shotcut project and edited it in audacity, then I exported it from audacity (into a monofile, no other option for WAV) and brought it back into shotcut. But there is no sound. I can see the meter but I can’t hear anything. Same thing with mp3, and with AIFF. The tracks are not muted. No mute filter. I also tried some other wav file which came from some former shotcut project, same problem. I tried another mp3 file from some other place and it worked.

If I double click the file in the playlist there is no sound and if I drag it into an auditrack in the timeline there is no sound.

Any ideas?

Ensure you don’t see the speaker icon muted.

If you see this, just click twice on the icon.

If you see this, just click once on the icon.

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