No sound from WAV file coming from audacity


I exported the soundfile from my shotcut project and edited it in audacity, then I exported it from audacity (into a monofile, no other option for WAV) and brought it back into shotcut. But there is no sound. I can see the meter but I can’t hear anything. Same thing with mp3, and with AIFF. The tracks are not muted. No mute filter. I also tried some other wav file which came from some former shotcut project, same problem. I tried another mp3 file from some other place and it worked.

If I double click the file in the playlist there is no sound and if I drag it into an auditrack in the timeline there is no sound.

Any ideas?

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Ensure you don’t see the speaker icon muted.

If you see this, just click twice on the icon.

If you see this, just click once on the icon.

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i have the same problem but i checked both sound icons and they re not muted and still no sound !!!
can you help please ?!

Do you see any sound with the various scopes?

Windows 10: Ensure you haven’t muted Shotcut

To ensure you haven’t applied a filter in the wrong spot on your current project, Save your current project, then start a new project with just that sound file.


Try to make sure your speakersimages (1)or earphonesdownload are alright and if they are ok try to see system audioimage_2021-01-25_124146 is not muted

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