No sound at all


I am working with W10 64 bits and Shotcut version 22.01.30
I have already made at least 10 footages with ShotCut, without any sound problem.

Now for no reason, it’s impossible to hear the sound on ShotCut.
Nothing is on mute, I have no mute filter, the wave shows that my music has sound, and the same music played outside ShotCut has no problem. My sound system configuration is OK.

How is it possible and what can I do ?!
It’s totally crazy :frowning:

Have you tried to reboot your computer?

I suggest to upload a screenshot of Shotcut with your project open so perhaps someone will notice something to suggest.

Ensure the Player in Shotcut is not muted.
This is unmuted, showing the option to mute.

Player unmuted.

Player muted.

My player is not muted.

Reboot computer and reinstalled Shotcut but the problem is still there!

Does the sound work if you close your project and only open a single file (clip)? I wonder if the problem is something in your project, or something with Shotcut.

A screenshot would be very helpful.

Have you somehow managed to turn off/down the volume for the Shotcut app in your system settings? See below:



I have no idea how this happened!!!

Glad to have feen of service. I hope you enjoy using this amazing Open Source software as much as I do.

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