No responding when I try to slow down my video

For example, I have a min of a video is 1920x1080p 60fps, but then when I try to chop a sec out and make it 0.5x, once I click that, Shotcut get frozen and I check the task manager it said Shotcut is not responding.

This happened to me many times in different videos when I try to slow my video, please help me to figure it out what’s happened.

CPU: i5-4460
RAM: 8GB(7.86 GB usable)
Window: win10 64-bit home edition
Hard disk: 256GB SSD
Display card: GTX 960

I just tried what you described, I think:

  1. Put full clip in V1
  2. Split clip in V1
  3. Move play head forward 1 second
  4. Split clip at new play head position
  5. Slide 1 second clip to V2
  6. Show Properties for V2 clip
  7. Change speed to 0.5 and hit ENTER key
  8. 1 second clip expands to 2 seconds
  9. Slide remaining clip in V1 to align with clip in V2

I didn’t have a problem with this. No crash, no other obvious problems. Playback has a 2 second half speed “scene”.

In short: problem not found

I used Win10 and Shotcut 17.11