No recovering after crash

windows 11
version 23.11.04
I cannot repeat the problem.
When shot-cut crashes and I start it again it does not ask for recovering the last work ( I do not no the exact words) Sometimes there is no recovery file, sometimes there is such a fine but it is not proposted. Sometimes it proposes to recover the last work and it works fine.
the log in the attachmentis after a crash and there is no recover file, so all the last work is lost.
shotcut-log.txt (68.2 KB)
I don not know if this is a problem of my computer, or of the new version 23.11.04
Shot-cut crashes on my computer now and then, but until now there was always a recovery file, so I never lost my work.

I hope you can find out what is happening here.

Kees Kielen

It still works for me. It only prompts you to recover on startup if you never saved the project (Untitled). If you saved the project, you need to open that project for it to check for a recovery. Also, it only auto-saves once a minute if there are unsaved changes.

Ok, thank you for your quick responce. So I do not know what has changed. Last week my mlt file was complete empthy with a restart. saved nothing. It was the thirt time several ours work had gone. Now I try to make a copy every half our. Now I have installed 23.11.29. Let’s see how it goes.