No problem, wanted to express my gratitude

Sorry if this is spam or not what the forum is intended to be used for, I just wanted to express my gratitude for a lot of the changes made in the most recent shotcut update. I’ve been quite critical of the state of shotcut in the past on this forum, so seeing all of these changes I would’ve viewed as must-haves (such as extensive easing options and rectangle select) be made is really great, and will go huge lengths to make shotcut genuinely viable for more demanding purposes.

To everyone involved, please understand your work makes huge differences for real people. Open-source development is truly god’s work. Thank you! :grin:


I was thinking this myself, @YTPizzer. These two changes are really excellent and I too would like to thank @shotcut and @brian for this, and all the other developments made, day in and day out.


Thanks guys. We appreciate the positive feedback.


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