No longer able to move a track slightly to align


I’m doing a “virtual choir” with about 16 singers. This is maybe the 5th I’ve done on Shotcut.

It’s important that everyone be singing the same words at the same time, so the tracks have to be carefully aligned with each other.

For some reason, when I click on a track with the intention of dragging it to the left or right to align it with the others, the entire track moves back to the beginning of the video, instead of just moving very slightly. This hasn’t happened before, and makes it impossible to correctly synchronize them. I can move an entire track if I’m zoomed out so I can see the whole track on the screen, but then I can’t make subtle adjustments.

Does anyone know how to fix this? It hasn’t happened before. I am using the latest version and have the “snapping” magnet icon turned off.

Thank you!

Hi @Singout2 ,

I presume you mean “clip” not “track”?

This doesn’t happen to me either but here’s a technique which may help you to move a clip in very small distances.

Position the playhead to where you want the beginning of the clip to move to.
If it’s only a few frames forward or back, navigate using the left or right arrow.
Press “c”, then “delete” then “b”. The clip will be copied, deleted, then pasted back on the timeline so its left hand edge is at the playhead position. You can achieve precise frame-by-frame positioning this way. If your clip is long, it may shoot off the timeline after doing this so just double-click the clip to get back the the beginning of the clip.

PS I’m a musician and I’d love to see your final choir video sometime… :grinning:

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