No filter for .mp4

I am trying to rotate .mp4 video from my phone, but there are no filters to select, list is empty.
How to do that?

Once you’ve imported your video, drag it into the timeline, select it then open the filters list.
If there are no filters, then reinstall the software.
Meanwhile this might help for the next steps.

I unziped it. Do I have to reinstall with installer?
There are filters for .wma files, but not for .mp4.

I don’t understand what you are saying then.
Please explain more, add screenshots if possible.

I didn’t install Shotcut using installer, I download and unzipped.
Is it better to use installer?

Sorry, I mean’t I don’t understand what you are saying about no filters for ►MP4◄
Video container type is irrelevant.

It’s ok, I have done it. Thanks.
I am novice, sorry.