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Hi, I recently updated shotcut on this thinkpad t430s, i am now only getting sound but no picture on videos. When I attempt to change display method from direct to gl or automatic it usually crashes and then shotcut will not start up afterwards. I therefore need to reinstall making sure to check remove existing files. The same probelm persists, even when i install earlier versions. I am not sure what version i was running when it was working but i guess it was a fairly recent version.

I didn’t quite follow the error message. I think it refered to display method issues but as noted it chrashed wen i change it.

I tried unzipping corrosponding registery files in shotcut local/app folder double clicking etc but still no resolve. Can anyone advise on this please?

The system is running windows 7pro is corei5 8gig ram 64bit if this info is of any relevance…

Please let me know if you need any more info,

Many thanks

Uninstall, use the portable version extracted to your Desktop, and then switch Display Method to Software using either the menu or the registry file. It will be slow in this mode but it seems neither DirectX or OpenGL works and that may be your only choice. The reason to use portable is that it needs to write to its program files to use a truly fail-safe Software display method, and it does not have permission to do that when installed.

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Thanks for getting back to me, I cannot understand what the problem is but it still not rendering video, sound yes but no footage. It is no longer crashing when booting up from desktop, it has allowed me to change display method to software, however the same problem persists. Everything seemed to be working fine until the recent update. I cannot preform a system restore apparently due to a missing file… so i’m lost. Can anyone else help/advise?

Hopefully there will be a solution to this in the near future, as a last resort I’ll install an even older version of shotcut on my thinkpad and hope for the best. It seems only to be video rendering issue, sound is there. It worked before.

In the meantime can anyone advise on which may be the second best open source video editing software out there???

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