No change to pitch?

I want to edit the speed of a video, with out changing the pitch…

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I don’t believe you can do that if the audio is attached to the video.

There is no feature for pitch control. When you change the speed of a clip, it changes both the video and the audio speed.

It would be great if you could choose how the audio track should be affected when you set the speed of a video track. Like in audacity where you can use the Change Tempo effect where the duration is affected but not the pitch.

You could first export the audio from Shotcut (drop the video into an Audio track). Use Audacity so change tempo accordingly then import the audio to an Audio track in Shotcut while muting the audio in the original video track.

Yes, that’s what I’m doing for the moment but I would rather skip that part and speed up an existing recording without having to process the audio separately.