No AVI files accepted unless converted

*** Why is shotcut not able to edit AVI files?**??? lets get this going developers. there is just to many AVI files out there to have to take considerable time to convert these files.
i don’t have that much free time so i have to go to another editor to get the job done.
am i the only one who uses AVI file???
listen to the users programmers and lets fet this fixed.

A less dictatorial tone might get better results.

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Agreed about the tone. Also more info about your issue is what’s also needed to help like saying what version of Shotcut are you using.

Anyway, I’ve never had a problem using avi files in Shotcut.

When you say “convert these files” are you referring to when you bring the files into Shotcut and then Shotcut asks you to convert the files before editing?

More information about the avi files you are using would be helpful like what codecs are they encoded with and details like that.

‘Avi’ is just a container for the movie file. more important is the codec that is in it!
What’s the codec?

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thanks guys, the tone as you called it was a plea to fix it nothing more,
the codecs? i have no idea what they are i just try to edit home movies that’s about my limit, yes i was talking about when i bring them in to Shotcut and it ask if you want to convert them, i have downloaded others (openshot etc) and they just edit them, i like shotcut way better than anything else,
i am using version 19,12,16 on three laptops
using linux parrot os one laptop
using linux Ubuntu 19.10 os two laptop
the codecs??? i have no idea
if you guys can get AVI to edit, is all AVI files not the same???
i get AVI files from several places and none work

Because they are not reliable for seeking.

Perhaps because they are not as strict about trying to avoid issues. In Shotcut, you can choose to ignore the suggestion to convert and simply try to use it anyways but do not complain if there are issues with A/V sync or the wrong frames showing at the start of an edit point.

is all AVI files not the same???

Not at all.

i get AVI files from several places and none work

I think all the ones I have do work.

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