No audio wave track in mp4 upon second opening

Hi all,

amazing piece of software thanks!

I’ve got a question regarding a IMHO odd behaviour:

I have recordings of zoom meetings with two speakers per session, which I need to split into two separate videos and do some editing.

When I process the first one all is good. I then create a new project and re-import the recording into the playlist to process the second talk, but when I drag the track from the playlist into the timeline the audio wave does not show up, which is of course making cutting and sync of tracks waaaay more difficult. The audio is there and if I play the timeline everything is fine, so it’s not an issue with the audio itself.

I never have problems with the first editing and there are some rare cases when this doesn’t happen for the second talk either but I can’t figure out what I’m doing differently… Any suggestion?

I’m on Windows, shotcut version 21.02.27

Timeline screenshot without audio wave during re-processing

And screenshot with audio waves from first processing
(I’m sorry as new member I can’t have to media in the same post)

Hi @matteop, welcome to the forum

Maybe you turned the waveform off by mistake between the two sessions?


Thanks for the reply!
No unfortunately it’s not it. The option is selected and de-selecting+re-selecting it doesn’t work either.
I believe it is something more systematic, as it happens nearly every time, it was not a one-off

See Properties > Audio > Track.

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