No audio. Was fine yesterday

Not sure if this is a bug or some user error since I’m new to Shotcut, but I was working on a project yesterday with no issues; sound was fine on both source and project feeds. Today I load up the saved project and none of the sound works. I re-launched the program and started a new project in case it was an error with my save, but none of the audio works anywhere in the application now. System sounds are working normally and my audio output is good, but Shotcut gives me nothing. Any insights?

You might have accidentally muted the application.


Or the tracks.


Uh… no.

Do you have system sound otherwise or is there just no audio in shotcut?

As I stated in the original post…

Sorry long day, have you checked that it isn’t muted in the per application settings windows has offered since win7?

Audio was fine everywhere but Shotcut. I uninstalled then did a clean re-install and everything is fine now. Glitch in the matrix.

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