No audio on export "Each playlist item"

Shotcut version used: 21.12.24 on Windows 10 x64

I have a video file that i want to split in four parts (clips) and export them via “Each playlist item”.
The video file is an OBS Studio record with two seperated audio tracks.

What i’ve done in shotcut:
-Load the video into the timeline
-detach audio tracks, i had two tracks then in the timeline.
-added gain/volume filter to the audio tracks
-split the video in four parts via “Split at playhead” in the timeline
-move the clips into playlist via “Copy to Source” and then “Add Source to playlist”
-the part is now in the playlist
-Export with option “Each playlist item” with default preset
-After waiting a while i had four mp4-files with the video but no audio.

Then i made some other tests:
-Audio in source player is okay
-export the whole video as one file without using playlist: audio is okay

Where is my mistake?

Which clip are you moving? From the screenshot, it looks like you are moving the video clip. But you have detached the audio from the video - so it is a video only clip. For example, try to play the clips from the playlist (double click the playlist entry) and you will not hear audio.

The workflow you are trying to use will not work. I suggest that you use markers to mark the ranges of 4 sections you want to export and then use Export->From->Marker 1 ,etc. No need to split anything.


Alternatively, fix Properties > Audio > Track of each the playlist item. That will not affect the timeline. The clips in each are not linked.

Thank you, that worked for me.

So i guess i interpreted the whole clip/playlist-thing wrong, but with markers it works as i want it.

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