No audio after MPEG-2 video export

I have been trying out Shotcut, and generally am very pleased with it. However, when I tried exporting an MPEG2 video with audio from the timeline using the MPEG-2 preset according to MediaInfo there was no audio track on the exported file. I tried using various audio codecs including mp2, pcm and ac3, but each time there was no audio. Please can you help?

I tried to reproduce your problem using Shotcut 22.12.21 on Windows 11.

To export, I chose the “MPEG-2” preset and then clicked the “Export File” button without changing any advanced settings.

Then, I opened the exported file in Shotcut and click on the audio tab in the Properties panel. It shows the exported file has MPEG audio and the sound is good when I playback in Shotcut.

Can you try those same steps and see if it works for you?

Hi Brian, thank you for replying so quickly. Thanks to your pics I have discovered what I’ve been doing wrong! I had selected MPEG-2 from the YouTube intermediate dropdown menu instead of the first set of options. Of course, it now works perfectly with the audio listed as being mp2. What a numpty I am!!

Thanks Brian for sorting that problem. There is now the problem that I cannot find an app that will burn DVD folders from the MPEG-2 files that Shotcut creates without error messages. Can you recommend one? I have tried DVD Movie Factory (my favourite), Power Director and VideoStudio. The only prog that does finish the job is AVS Video Editor, but it doubles the size and cannot provide menus.

It’s been a long time since I have authored a DVD. But back in the day I used DVDStyler.

Thanks for your reply Brian.
My customers and I still like DVD and Blu-ray disks.
I have just discovered that Ulead DVD Movie Factory 6 Plus works really well with MPEG-2 files from Shotcut as long as you copy the bitrate and audio properties from Shotcut, and enter them into the MF settings.
I have also tried DVDStyler, it works well, but lacks the motion menus of MF.

If your target is DVD, then you should use one of the DVD export presets instead of the generic MPEG-2.

If I use a DVD preset it will only supply vob files or have I got it wrong? I need to be able to author a complete DVD folder with or without a menu, and AFAIK that is not possible in Shotcut.

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