No ads even without a upgrade

I was just searching up the forum, and the forum mistakenly opened in incognito by my mistake. But I noticed that my normal signed in forum doesn’t show any ads on it. But the normal one shows ads on it. And I am not using any kind of ad blockers, then why it does so. I have even not purchased any ad free experience on the forum.
But it still doesn’t show ads.

See, in normal logged in forum:-

And in a unsigned in tab (opera gx, because incognito doesn’t let me capture screenshot), it shows me ads:-

I think this might sound strange that I am reporting that I don’t recieve ads, but still they should know if I don’t receive ads.

Check your addon list, you might have an adblock automatically installed and by default all addons are disabled in private browsing.

Users with a Discourse trust level of 3 or higher do not get Ads in the forum.

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It’s almost impossible until my pc is hacked, because the developer I have hired had built a script that blocks any types of install until I manually click install.

This won’t happen that easily.

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