No AC3 Audio at 448kbps

I am newbie to video and after some successful attempts to work with Shotcut I started wondering, why I cannot select and encode AC3 (5.1) audio with a speed of 448kbps, which seems to be more or less an industrial standard. All my video sources are using it and all my encoding now has to be done in 364kbps. Is there any reason for that? What are the consequences? Would it make sense to add 448kbps or is already there?
Any comment would be much appreciated.

I tried to duplicate your export settings. I started with the “H.264 High Profile” export preset, clicked the Advanced button, went to the Audio tab, changed the channels to 6 (5.1), changed the codec to ac3, and then the bitrate to 448k. I manually typed in the 448k. It exported and played back fine. Were these the same steps you took, or did I do something differently than you did?

Hi Austin
Thanks so much for your test and reply. I did the same - except manually changing the bitrate. I was simply assuming that the given values in the combo are read-only. Shame on me.
I tested it now by manually setting the bitrate to 448k and reconfirmed the result (448k) with Xplayer under Linux.
For simplification and in order to consider a defacto standard it might be an idea to add 448k to the bitrate combo.
Thanks again for solving my problem and with best regards

I added 448k for the next version.

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