Nice Work Shotcut Developers/Members!

I have been working on editing some home movies from digital video tape and although I have run into my share of issues (many user error), I have found solutions with Shotcut and the nice people on this forum. I started to realize how robust Shotcut is when I installed Hitfilm Express and it wouldn’t even recognize my DV .avi files. It basically said it supports .avi files - but not “older” .avi files. I guess they mean older codecs that use the .avi container. Anyway, Shotcut is very robust in the types of files it supports and am happy with the results. Also, have gotten good advice on this forum. Thanks devs and members!


Same opinion.
So much work is beeing done right now.
I think, I’ll donate again…

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Me too. I will like the original message by fishbone and I hope the forum admins will agree to this idea:

Just for this specific context, may each like of that initial post be considered not as liking the eloquence of @fishbone but rather be counted as a “like of Shotcut and the helpful forum members”.

And fishbone: Good idea.

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I hadn’t seen that page so thanks for posting the link - now bookmarked.
I only started making videos 6 months ago and I’ve tried many free-to-use NLEs in that time. Of all of them, Shotcut is the most comfortable for me to use. With the addition of key-frames it has become so much more (for me) than it was even a month ago. It’s great to see that functionality being expanded upon in the linked page. I don’t think I have donated as yet, but I think now is the time.