Nice mountain bike video stabilization result!

The video on the left is the output of the camera (Firefly 8S), while on the right I had done some stabilization using Shotcut 18.10.08. Please watch it in 1440p if available.
It was shot in 2560x1440 60fps and the purpose was to see if the video quality is better than using the firefly internal gyro (EIS which goes up to 1080p). The result is clearly better using Shotcut but it takes many hours for the whole process (analyze, stabilize-edit, export) even on modern PC’s. I would consider the mountain biking to be very demanding in terms of stabilization needs, bearing also in mind the speed and many details in the environment (terrain, grass, trees). In all older bike videos in my channel I use firefly 8s gyro in 1080p.
Generally I am very impressed with the result.

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Credit goes to the VidStab library we use! Thanks for sharing.

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