Newbie with performance question (I5-4200U)

Hello Group

I’m a newbie with my first post here. My apologies of its a ridiculous question or its been discussed before (I did try to search). I have a few year old Dell 17R laptop with an I5-4200U CPU (2 cores/4 threads, 1.6 GHz/2.3 GHz turbo) that I plan to upgrade with 16 GB of RAM and an SSD. Is it possible to have a reasonably un-laggy experience with ShotCut working with full 1080P videos with this setup? 60 FPS? Or even (dare I ask) some 4K 30 FPS stuff?

Thanks to all

Hey. I have a similar laptop 16gb, ssd, and a mx 440. And I did a few projects on him. Every thing works fine until u add lots of effects etc. I render a 4k video 45 mins at 30 fps in like 12 hrs the longest project I have done. Smaller projects at 1080p work even better. I usually make my projects at night and let it overnight if it’s a long project.
Shotcut it’s a pretty decent in terms of use of resources and 16gb really helps. Hope I answer your question

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