Newbie questions editing

I would like to add another audio track to the end of a video track which already includes audio and video. The initial video and audio track appear on the timeline, followed on the same timeline by the audio I wish to append . No matter what I do in ‘source’, when the initial video is played it stops before playing the second audio only track. In ‘project’, if I drag the vertical bar over on the timeline, it will play the second audio, or it will automatically move from one to the other. Suggestions welcome.

Second, I would like to know if shotcut will allow a still photo to be positioned next to a video in a split screen. I see tutorials on how to have two or more videos in a split screen and would like to know if a still photo can be used in a split screen.

  1. Do you have a screenshot of it?

  2. Of course. And as you wrote, you need to split the screen…, in this case whether the video or the image (in German it is ‘Zuschneiden’) with a transparent color (mostly 0 / Black) and of course two tracks… HTH

Not sure what the problem is exactly.

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