Newbie question about fiilters

I am a complete newb not only with this program, but also with video editing in general. (I have to say, so far learning how to do things has been very frustrating because neither the FAQ nor the video tutorials have been very helpful.) Hopefully, this will mean that my question is very simple to answer.

I want to add text to my video, both headers and subtitles. The FAQ says to use a filter (either the Text, 3D Text, or Overlay HTML filters) and to make a solid color background for it using File-Open Other-Color (which I did). Everything is ready for the text!

My problem: how do I FIND these filters? They don’t seem to be installed; clicking on the Filters button brings up a tab which says “Nothing selected” and no amount of clicking around produces any filters to use. The FAQ says that a lot of filters don’t come pre-installed, but gives no indication of WHERE to get them from. The video tutorial “Track Filters” talks about how snazzy it is to have all his filters configured so that every video he does looks the same BUT IT DOESN’T SAY HOW TO GET THE FILTERS OR CUSTOMIZE THEM.

This tutorial created by one of the forum posters might help get you started.

Thank you! That was EXACTLY what I needed. I figured it would be a pretty easy one, which was why it was frustrating not to find an answer in the FAQs and tutorials I could find.